Where do you take the photos?

We come to you to take photos. We meet you at a pre-determined place, whether it’s your house, a park or the beach for the photo-shoot.

Do you have a studio?

No, we are a Mobile Photography service and we bring the studio to you with our Mobile Studio kit.

Are your packages flexible? Do I have to choose exactly what’s in the package?

Yes, all of our packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs

Do you photoshop/edit the photos?

All our photos are edited and colour corrected, to make sure exposure and white balance is right. We retouch our photos to a certain standard and our style is natural and candid, however if there are certain photos that you have chosen for the album that you would like retouched, for example if you have a blemish on your face, we can do this for you.

Who owns the copyright?

Express Photography and its assignees can use any images shot on behalf of the client for advertising or editorial purposes. Copyright remains with Express Photography and its assignees. When you buy high resolution photos from us, then you own the Copyright on the photos you purchased.

Do you store/archive the digital files?

Yes. Every digital file/photograph we ever take is archived onto 2-3 external hard-drives


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